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All Mothers in Shichida or Heguru Teach Their Child at Home Every Day

Every child can succeed in Right Brain Education.

In Shichida Method, we are advised to practice flashcards and right brain activities with our child.

In Heguru, they do not recommend us to practice right brain exercises at home. What is provided by Heguru is enough.

After talking to my child's classmate's parents, I conclude that every mother teaches their kids right brain education at home every day.

Almost all the parents will buy extra right brain flashcards and puzzles. Some parents will not tell you that they teach their kids at home. Even if they share, it is always not complete or detailed enough. For a child to succeed there is a correct method of teaching and it is not inborn or having a "lucky child".

In right brain education classes, almost all babies especially in the advanced classes are all very competent and quick. You will notice some babies are very good at certain right brain exercises and some are better at left brain exercises. If you are in a class that is not competent then very likely they are not practising the right brain exercises correctly or practising enough at home.

So parents do "compete" in class. Young babies and toddlers don't compete or compare.

Why am I writing this topic?

It's to tell you that every child can succeed in right brain education. But...

Even if your child is talented or gifted. You have to teach your child at a young age. If your child is a toddler or a bit older, not to worry, it's never too late.

It's easy to teach your child. Teaching your child right brain education only takes less than 10 minutes a day but be consistent and organised. Work gradually with your child and be hands-on with them.

If you show 200 new flashcards per day for 1 week, in 1 month are 800 flashcards.

In 1 year, your child will have completed 9600 flashcards.

Don't listen to people's opinions or even my opinion. Parents may tell you that they do not teach their children at home. That's not true.

We live in a competitive world. You want your child to have a strong foundation in their education, then start early.

If you would like to know what to teach your child, check out my other blog articles.

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