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Enrol To Right Brain Education Online or School in 2021

You want your baby to have their right brain education. Should you send your baby to right brain schools like the Shichida Method or Heguru Method or enrol on a right brain online program?

right brain education online during pandemic

With the Covid19 pandemic, frequent lockdowns, and the fear of contracting the Coronavirus, most parents fear sending their little loved ones to classes. An online right brain program seems like a good possible option.

Knowing that it is crucial to start your baby or toddler's right brain training as early as possible, let's look at the "right brain education" online option.

Online right brain education program OR right brain schools?

Let me relate my experience sending my daughter to the Shichida Method classes and Heguru classes...

The Shichida and Heguru classes are very interactive, fun and parents are involved in the classes, but there is more to that. Even though Shichida provides home practice materials to parents to teach their child at home, IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

There is so much the Shichida home materials can do. If you want your baby or toddler to get the most out of the right brain education program, we as parents must do more.

My daughter's classmate's parents and I will get more flashcards and right brain exercises to teach their child at home. Either we make or buy them online.

Whether you enrol your child in any right brain education school, like Shichida Method or Heguru Method, you need to go online to get your right brain flashcards and other materials.

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, are you able to teach your baby via an online right brain education program?

My answer is yes. Always remember the key to training your child right brain education is all about practising consistently and having as much variety of right brain materials.

Stay safe at home. Take care of your little loved one at home and happy teaching. Let's hope the Covid 19 pandemic is over soon and everyone can resume their normal activities. Perhaps once everything is back to normal, you can enrol on the right brain schools of your choice (The Shichida Method or the Heguru Method).

You can read my other blog articles, where I share how to teach my child right brain education at home.

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