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Which Right Brain Program is Better? Competency Or Age-Based (Traditional) Learning

When sending your toddler to preschool, you can only send your child at an appropriate age. The advantage is, that every child will have a proper curriculum to follow, and every child is "at the same level". However, your child is expected to acquire a certain amount of math skills and general knowledge when they enter preschool.

How about "Competency-Based Learning"?

This method can also be called "Personalized Learning", where you teach your child based on their competency. Generally applies to home-based learning. Some babies or toddlers may have different talents and strengths in certain subjects. For example, some kids are good at math but not good at reading.

Competency-based learning ensures your child has the necessary foundation in their early learning. With a solid foundation in math, reading, and learning ability, your child will have more confidence and enjoy their lessons.

In Right Brain Education, it is not exam-based learning. It focuses on learning based on love, nurturing, parental bonding, encouragement, and fun. It is also the time to discover your child's talents and nurture them. When your child has a solid foundation in their reading, math, and learning abilities, going to school will be fun and easy for them.

You can build your baby or toddler's learning foundation with the library's right brain education flashcards and right brain memory exercises.

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