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How I Made 9,250 "Shichida Flashcards" for Home Practice Materials in Printable

For my Shichida Method flashcards or right brain flashcards materials, I could either buy Shichida materials (which is very expensive) or make my own. Initially, I shop for my flashcards and exercise materials/products from the Shichida Tensai.

Some of my DIY Flashcards for Shichida Home Practice
Some of my DIY Flashcards for Shichida Home Practice

The quality of the Shichida (Tensai) flashcards is good but most of the pictures are cartoon pictures and not realistic pictures. I prefer showing my child realistic pictures (NOT CARTOONS).

Shichida Flashcards that I bought from Shichida School
Shichida Flashcards that I bought from Shichida School

Based on my research online, the best flashcards for babies must be realistic pictures and not cartoons.

At the same time, I need more flashcards for me to teach my child Shichida at home. So I decided to make my own.

How to make and use your own Shichida flashcards?

Here is how I get my "Shichida resources" to make 9250 flashcards...

  1. Cut out pictures from old magazines and books to paste on blank, thick white paper. I got some of the old books and magazines from friends and relatives. I also do go to thrift stores to buy books and magazines as my source of pictures for my flashcards.

  2. Hunt for free PDF printable pictures from websites that give out free printables (however topics are quite limited and pictures are OK but not the best).

  3. Pictures or images from Wikipedia.

My DIY Shichida Flashcards
My DIY Shichida Flashcards

What printer to use? and What type of paper to use to print?

All my Shichida flashcards at home are in A5 size. You need to buy 230 to 275-gram paper.

If your paper is thicker, it will be easier to flash the cards.

I made my printable flashcards using a Fuji Xerox laser printer. The thickness of the paper will depend on the type of printer you are buying.

Today with the latest technology, you can go for the inkjet printer, the images are also sharp and clear. For example, in the Canon brochure, Canon ImagePro printers claim the printing colour will last to 200 years if stored properly and can print on 300gm paper.

I recommend you only use the original ink cartridges and not those "OEM" or imitation you can buy from e-commerce sites. It will spoil your printer and void the warranty.

I did try to save money and use those OEM or compatible cartridges. The printing images came out terrible, and the ink from the cartridges finishes so fast. You are better off buying the original inkjet cartridges even it is more expensive. The OEM cartridges have spilled out and it gives problems to the other parts of the printer.

If you are hoping to store your flashcards in long run, the original ink lasts longer whereas the OEM will fade.

How many Shichida flashcards do you need to make?

If you show 100 new flashcards a week to your baby. That will be 400 flashcards a month (4800 flashcards a year). Most Shichida parents show as much as 200 or more per week. That will be more than 9600 flashcards a year! Some "serious" Shichida parents flash 1,000 cards per session.

DIY your own flashcards for your baby is fun but takes time. All the 9250 flashcards are stored in my IKEA plastic containers. I do label them so I will know which cards to bring out to teach.

I hope you find my sharing and experience with the Shichida Method useful. Please note that what I have written is my opinion, and the Shichida activities I have done for my child when was in Shichida school.


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