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1,000 Or 100 flashcards per Right Brain Education Home Lesson? (In Shichida/Heguru Method)

1,000 Or 100 flashcards per Right Brain Education Home Lesson? (In Shichida/Heguru Method)
1,000 Or 100 flashcards per Right Brain Education Home Lesson? (In Shichida/Heguru Method)

A frequent question asked by Shichida & Heguru mothers: How many flashcards do I need to flash per day?

I am sharing my observation and experience when sending my child to Shichida and Heguru Method classes.

In Shichida and Heguru, home practice with flashcards are a priority.

In my child’s Shichida and Heguru classes, parents show 1,000-2,000 flashcards at home per lesson.

Yes, I do mean 1,000 to 2,000 flashcards every day.

Most parents just flash topics quickly and are done. In right brain education, the method is more important than just knowledge input. It also trains the right brain abilities like speed reading, photographic memory and intuition.

To acquire the benefits of right brain education abilities, parents must be patient and consistent in training their children.

Parents must flash gradually from 1 second per card to a fast pace and not stick to just one minimum speed of only one second.

Shichida and Heguru's parents all flash very fast. In Japan, the screen is used to show flashcards at super fast speed.

No human can flash super fast because even the voice must synchronise during flashing.

Another frequently asked question is how old should my child be for the super speed flashcards?

Flashing at a super fast speed cannot be limited by the age of the child. You can start your baby at 6 months old and above.

What I would like to emphasise is the importance of practising the correct method - the right brain education method. There are kids younger than 2 years old seeing super fast flash cards.

These kids will naturally ask for faster speed. You have to show the flash cards faster than 1 second per card. in Shichida and Heguru, it's 0.5 seconds or faster.

You may wonder how does a child able to see 1,000+ flash cards in one sitting?

Select topics that are liked by your child. For example. On days when your child is not their 100%, your can organise topics that get them started. Putting the not-so-keen topics in between other topics.

Some children are crazy about flags of different countries. Flash those cards to kick start the lesson, followed by topics of lesser interest and finish off with topics that your child like.

Be flexible, and be observant of your child's interests. Keep the flashcard lesson fun.

When it comes to speed flashcards, gradually increase the speed. In terms of quantity of flashcards per sitting, gradually increase the number of flashcards.

When you see why some kids that go to Shichida or Heguru achieve so much, it is because they practice a lot at home. So yes, these kids see more than 1,000 flashcards per lesson (a day).

How do you get so many flash cards to teach?

  1. DIY (make my own).

  2. Get it online. I got my resources from (most parents from Shichida use this site for their home practice)

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