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Right Brain Education Online: Shichida At Home, E-Heguru and Right Brain Education Library

Planning to teach your baby or toddler at home?

Which right brain education online program should you sign up for?

Teaching right brain education for babies or toddlers at home through early learning right brain education online program is now a popular early learning choice amongst parents. Previously parents would send their kids to right brain classes.

With the convenience and effectiveness of home-based online learning, Shichida and Heguru are now offering their right brain training online.

Today all the established and original right brain education programs are digital now.

There is 3 original right brain education at home programs available.

1. Shichida at Home.

2. E-Heguru online learning.

3. Right Brain Education Library

What do you mean by "Original Right Brain Education Online Program"?

  1. The programs are originally developed and created by the schools (not stolen or copied).

  2. A lot of effort and investments are put into developing the right brain education course.

  3. A targeted and focused early learning program based on the right brain education method.

  4. These schools or programs have many years of experience behind them.

  5. Support and guidance from qualified and experienced teachers that can support the parents and students.

Though the 3 Best online early learning programs are similar, there are some differences. Here is my review...

1. The Shichida At Home Program.

The Shichida Method is now known as a "whole-brain learning program" because it covers learning activities that cover the right brain and left brain development activities.

The Shichida Method school teaches its students through their physical classes. Where else the "Shichida at Home" program is an online program that emulates their physical classes.

The downside I feel about the online and Shichida classes today is they are more to left-brain (ie. Montessori Method) than right brain training.

The "Shichida at Home" program costs from USD$39.95 to USD$99.95 per month. (1st Shichida At Home Program - Australia) 3 types of right brain training online packages are offered:

  1. "Basic Package" provides "weekly learning videos only",

  2. "Standard Package", parents will get "weekly videos & 1 full-colour 30-page workbook" and

  3. "Premium Package", you have the "weekly videos, 1 full-colour 30-page workbook, and educational toys and products".

I believe the Shichida at Home program is beneficial for parents that do not have the time or convenience to send their baby or toddler to Shichida classes or when there are no Shichida schools in their area.

The Shichida at Home right brain training online videos cover:

  1. Numeracy

  2. Literacy

  3. Phonics

  4. Imaginary Play

  5. Flashcards

  6. Developing Creativity

  7. Critical Thinking

  8. Moral Thinking

  9. Love of Learning

The Shichida Method at home programs comes in 3 different packages and are based on different age group. When parents sign up for the course, they have to sign up according to their child's age.

Important Note:

The SHICHIDA at home online program is NOT AVAILABLE in

  1. China (including Hong Kong)

  2. Singapore

  3. Malaysia

  4. Thailand

  5. Indonesia

  6. Myanmar

  7. Laos

  8. Romania

  9. Cambodia

2. E-Heguru Online Learning

Heguru Method learning is always known for its fast-paced learning method. They are a Right Brain Education Method program (they do cover the right and left brain training but more right brain based).

Like the "Shichida at Home" online program, their Heguru online classes program also tries to emulate their physical classes.

Their online toddler program is for only 1 to 3 years old.

This program is developed by Heguru Malaysia (they are the 1st Heguru international franchise)

The e-Heguru online program consists of 6 Modules. Each module costs $371 (Malaysian Ringgit), which is equivalent to USD$90.00. (1st E-Heguru Online Learning)

Each module consists of 4 videos (25 to 30 minutes video) and printable materials.

The topics covered in the program are

  1. Arts

  2. Music

  3. Language

  4. General Knowledge

  5. Math

  6. Many More

In this program, worksheets are provided.

There are 6 Modules, which is a total of $2,226.00 (Malaysia Ringgit) which is equivalent to USD$550. It is Malaysian Ringgit because the online Heguru program is run by Heguru Malaysia.

3. Right Brain Education Library

The Right Brain Education Library is the "1st & World's Largest Right Brain Education Library". They are the first to offer right brain education home practice online. This program is suitable for newborns, 1, 2, 3 to 7 years old.

They are the true and ORIGINAL right brain education program. This is because they follow the right brain method correctly.

When the Right Brain Education Library started, its program was targeted at the Shichida Method and Heguru Method for parents who want to teach their baby or toddler right brain education at home (home practice resources).

As a Shichida and Heguru parent myself, even though I find the right brain classes beneficial, the Right Brain Education Library has all the essential right brain materials for teaching your child at home.

The Right Brain Education Library program is a daily right brain education program, which consists of flash cards and printable right brain worksheets like their Mandala memory exercises, and Tangram puzzles.

If you really want your child to get the most out of the right brain education program, you must let your child practice their flashcards and right brain activities at home.
This is especially true for advanced right brain students as their program is according to their ability and not their age. Some toddlers can be at the advanced stage depending on how early and the method used on the baby. It is an excellent supporting program as the key to right brain education method is to practice using the correct approach.

The Right Brain Education Library has the largest right brain materials available. All your right brain flashcards and resources can be obtained here. It is a right brain resource worth considering.

Their membership consists of 1 year, 3 years and lifetime membership from USD$131.60 to USD$208.80 (on their website they mentioned that prices are subject to changes).

Other than these 3 best right brain education online programs (Shichida At Home, E-Heguru Online and Right Brain Education Program), there are other online courses.

I have decided not to include them because it is not a 100% right brain education program focused.


I have received messages from parents on, "Which is better? Shichida at home, E Heguru or Right Brain Education Library.

First, let me explain...

All the Right Brain Education online programs are good. Depends on which one suits your needs.

Shichida at home and E Heguru are NOT an "All in One" program. You still need to buy lots of flashcards and right brain exercises to practice with your child at home.

Both Shichida at Home and E Heguru are "Right Brain Online Classes".

For parents who live far away or have no access to these schools, an online program is an option. In my opinion, it is much better if you can send your kids to their proper physical school and not their online program.

But please keep in mind that not all the training (online or classroom) in Shichida & Heguru right brain schools are right brain training methods. It is a mixture of singing, playing, flash cards and puzzles.

Parents need to know the difference between right brain and left brain method training. I hope this will clarify some of the questions I have from parents.

The Right Brain Education Library, is a complete "right brain education home practice program". This right brain education resources are very much needed.

For parents who want to teach and practice right brain education with their children at home every day, this program is an excellent choice. All the flashcards and right brain education exercises are provided for the daily practice of right brain method.

I send my child to Shichida Method school and later to Heguru Education school. Both their right brain classes are great.

For my child's right brain home practice, I use the materials from the Right Brain Education Library and some of my other early learning materials. As some of the exercises in schools are right brain and left brain methods, that is why home practice is a MUST.

If you have questions on right brain and left brain exercises, buy me a coffee, and let's chat.


After writing the above article on right brain education online programs, I have some parents that asked me this question.

Right Brian Education or Whole Brain Learning? Which one to follow?

Here is my answer.

From the age of 0 to 3 years old, the child's brain is right brain dominant. This is the time you practice "Right Brain Education".

From 4 (or 3+) years old onwards, the child's left brain begins to develop. That's when you introduce left brain exercises. At this age, you will do both right brain and left brain exercises.

By the time my child was 2+ years old, I sent my child to a Montessori-based kindergarten.

I send my child to Shichida and Heguru classes from 4 months old to 6 years old.

(FYI, today Shichida takes in students from 6 months old onwards. During my child's time, enrolment starts from 3 months old onwards. (Parents asked about the waiting list Yes, I also had to be on a waiting list to get into their classes. Perhaps longer now.)

How About Other Right Brain Education Online Programs?

Anyone can call or brand their school or program "right brain education". These schools put in some Montessori activities, memory puzzles and flashcards, and there you have it, a right brain education program.

You can sign up for any early learning program and your young child will learn something. But that does not mean your child is in a right brain education program.

A little short history of right brain education...

"Right Brain Education was created by Professor Makoto Shichida (founder of The Shichida Method). His program was only available in Japan only.

In the year 1999, Shichida Method was first introduced to Singapore/Malaysia and Taiwan.

It is not possible that there are any right brain education schools anywhere in the world before 1999.

You could read my other blog articles. I first joined Shichida for 3 years and later to Heguru Method. I have also enrolled my child on other "right brain education" schools. It turned out to be Montessori with a little right brain education.

If you have experienced the Shichida Method or Heguru Method classes, you will what is right brain education (now called Whole brain education).

I am not saying you should not join other right brain education online or physical schools. But be aware of what education you are enrolling your child in.

What right brain education online program do I recommend?

Either "Shichida at Home", "E-Heguru" or "Right Brain Education Library. Both Shichida and Heguru online programs are online classes.

The Right Brain Education Library is for right brain education home practice.

I recommend, joining any physical Shichida or Heguru classes. You got to experience it. As for daily right brain home practice, I joined the Right Brain Education Library to teach my child. Please don't waste your time with DIY printable flashcards. I have gone through that road.

Right Brain Education Online Teacher Certification?

This is another quite common question I received. The only right brain education teacher-certified program is by Shichida or Heguru Method, which is for their own employees. From my knowledge, some of the training is done in-house and for some courses, teachers are sent to Japan for their training in their headquarters.

There are a few online websites that offer such courses. Just be cautious. I don't see a value in them in terms of recognition and educational value. Unless it is teacher certification from Shichida or Heguru, which is obviously not available.

Today there are many "right brain education" online courses or coaches online. I wonder where they get their training. I am not sure if they have sent their child or been to any Shichida or Heguru physical classes.

A lot of online early learning courses brand themselves as "RBE" or "Right Brain Education Program".

From my knowledge and experience...

I personally have enrolled my child on other Right Brain schools which turn out to be a Montessori curriculum (with some right brain activities).

In the end, I send my child to Shichida and Heguru physical classes. And for essential home practice, I use RIght Brain Education Library.

Much later I enrol my child on a proper Montessori kindergarten (while still doing right brain education). The Montessori is all the way left brain learning and some other activities not covered by right brain schools.

Read my coming article on what is Whole Brain Learning concept and the difference between Right Brain Education Method.


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