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Do you shuffle "right brain" baby flash cards?

A few Shichida mummys asked me...

Do you shuffle baby flash cards?

The answer applies to your Shichida Method, Heguru or Glenn Doman Method flash cards lesson at home.

The short answer is no.

There is no need to shuffle the flashcards for your baby flash card lesson.

Is there are need to shuffle baby flash cards right brain education at home

Then why do some parents shuffle the flashcards?

Your child sees hundreds of flashcards a month. Because of that, parents may not have enough flashcards to teach their babies. That is why some people recommend shuffling flashcards to make the lesson engaging.

There is no need to shuffle baby flashcards in Shichida, Heguru or Glenn Doman Method.

Here is the long answer...

Flash cards are used as a learning tool to remember items or facts. Flashcard learning is done through repetition.

Flashcards are used to learn:

  1. New fact ("bits of intelligence”), which can be a word, an image or both.

  2. To remember items or facts in sequence. For example, remember phone numbers, a list of groceries, the Pi formula and others.

  3. To improve long-term memory. Through repetition, flashcards are used to remember new facts.

  4. To develop a photographic memory.

If your goal is to teach your child a fact or a piece of information, the focus is on the individual flash card. You want to make sure the flashcard is clear, accurate and true to the fact.

There is no relation to shuffling flashcards.

Flashcards are also used in the Linking Memory or Peg Memory system. Flashcards in this context are used to remember the fact or object or image of the flashcard and be remembered in sequence.

For example, in the Pi Memory Competition (3.14159265), the Peg Memory system is used to remember as many numbers as possible in sequence.

So flashcards are used to remember the picture or fact on the flashcard and at the same time can be used to remember any facts in sequence.

In the right brain education context, flashcards are shown very fast. The child will learn new facts and train the right brain functions.

The innate ability of the child is incredible. A baby or toddler can learn much faster than an adult.

Young kids can learn faster than adults, but adults have experience and more wisdom.

Do not underestimate your child's learning ability. You may not be able to comprehend, but your child can.

There is no need to shuffle your baby's flash cards. Focus on showing the correct type of flash cards and the proper method.

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Apr 06, 2022

Thanks for sharing Sophie. 🤗

All Baby Star
All Baby Star
Apr 09, 2022
Replying to

You are welcome! 💗

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