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Right Brain Flashcards: What and How Does it Work?

Right brain flashcards are sometimes known as "Shichida flashcards", or "Heguru Flashcards".

It is called "right brain" because it focuses on training your baby or toddler's right side functions of the brain.

Here's what is interesting...

When I send my child to the Shichida Method classes, the right brain teachers show the flashcards as fast as 1 to 0.5 seconds per flashcards.

Much later, I send my child to Heguru Method classes. The flashcard materials are shown faster than 0.5 seconds.

When it comes to showing right brain flashcards, you have to show the flashcards fast.

Why is it called right brain flashcards?

This picture shows you the functions and characteristics of the right and left sides of the brain.

The purpose of the right brain training materials is to train and activate the right hemisphere of the brain.

The right brain is also known as the creative brain. When your baby is from 0 to 3 years old, they are right-brain dominant. The left side of the brain begins to develop from the age of 3 years old and above. One of the best ways of training the right brain is by using flashcards.

So flashcards that are used to teach should be shown fast, The right brain has a long term memory, knowledge will be stored in the subconscious mind and works best when fully relaxed.

The right brain flashcards online or printable. It's all about the method.

What is the difference between right brain education flashcards and regular flashcards?

The difference is more in the method of flashing the cards than the appearance of the flashcards.

Both the right brain flashcards and regular flashcards can be math flashcards with red dots or flashcards with pictures in the front and words on the back of the card.

The key to using the Right-brain flashcards is SPEED FLASHING!

When it comes to right brain training, the flashcards have to be shown faster than 1 second per flashcard. In Shichida or Heguru right brain classes, my child's teachers will flash at a speed of 0.5 seconds or faster per flashcard.

What are the types of flashcards used for right brain training?

There are primarily 2 types of right brain flashcards:

  1. Math flashcards - Red dots and numerals (1,2,3...) math flashcards. Which cover quantity recognition, addition, subtraction, and division. There are math dots programs that use the right brain method. They are the Shichida 65 Day Math (obsolete), Shichida 63 day math, 178 Day Math Dots program (Right Brain-based), and Heguru math program.

  2. Picture and words flashcards - e.g. vocabulary, general knowledge, science, geography, phonics, and speed reading, and etc.

Just like my child's Shichida and Heguru classes, when I teach my child at home, I will make sure I show the flashcards as fast as 0.5 seconds per card. RIGHT BRAIN FLASHCARDS IS SPEED FLASHING.

If you are showing the flashcards slow, that is not right brain training.

What are the benefits of right brain flashcards?

  1. Training for Speed Reading (Speed learning).

  2. Fast mathematics calculations.

  3. Photographic Memory.

  4. Long term memory

According to the Shichida and Heguru teachers I spoke to, every baby or toddler can learn easily. They emphasize that when we do our home practice, make sure the right brain flashcards as shown faster than 1 second per flashcard.

If you notice in this article, I mentioned so many times about showing flashcards fast, because that is how right brain education flashcards work.

What Right Brain Flashcard Program NOT To Choose?

Do not choose a program where you play a recorded video class lesson or a program that continuously shows flashcards nonstop without pausing. because these lessons limit the mind of your child.

Flashcard lessons should be active and dynamic. You should select the flashcards that you specially selected based on what you want your child to learn and what your child likes.

All experienced Shichida and Heguru moms know it is not good to repeat the recorded lessons. Your child will get bored.


Because the right brain is a creative mind and especially for babies, they will lose interest fast when you do not build bonding or interact with your child. You will also not know what is your child's talent or interest.

When you support AllBabyStar, I will be able continue to share more of my experience and what I have learned.


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