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How to Succeed In Shichida 65 & 63 Day Math Dots

Based on my experience of sending my child to Shichida classes, I would like to share with you how to use the Shichida 65 Day math program and 63 Day Math Program cards.

Currently, the Shichida 63 Day Math Program is being used by the Shichida Method classes in certain countries. I am not sure if there are any other Shichida schools around the world still using the Shichida 65 Day Program.

According to the Shichida Method, the Shichida 63 day dots program is the NEW version.

If you are currently sending your child to Shichida or not, you have to know that the 63 and 65 Day Math Program MUST INCLUDE other math dots materials.

The Full Shichida Math Program consists of:

  1. Shichida 63 days or 65 days Math Program

  2. Organise Math Dots Flash Card Set - (1 to 100 dots)

  3. Random Math Dots Flash Card Set - (1 to 100 dots)

  4. Variety Math Flash Card Set - (1 to 100 dots)

  5. Equation (Dots Flash Card)

  6. Equation (Numeral Flash Card)

  7. Numeral Flash Cards (1,2,3)

  8. Shichida Abacus Set

Original Shichida Math Flashcards - Organise Dots (A4 size)

Original Tensai Shichida Math Dot Flashcards for 65 Day Math Program (A4 size)

Original Shichida Math Flashcards - Variety Dots (A4 size)

DIY/Printable Shichida 65 Day Math Flashcards (A4 size)

Variety Math Dots Flashcards

Original Shichida Abacus Flashcards Set

I have been told by my child's Shichida teacher that for the Shichida Home Practice, I have to do all the math flashcards above, which is the 65-day math program, random dot sets, organized dots sets, and math flash cards.

For your child to succeed, you cannot only do the Shichida 63 day math or 65 day math program. Please include the other math dots flashcard sets as mentioned.

A final note on how to succeed in the Shichida 65 or 63 Day Math Program

I have spoken to a few of my "senior" Shichida parents. Their children have succeeded in the Shichida 65 day math program. I asked them how did they get their child to be a "human calculator". Their child is able to look at the flashcard with numbers and can tell you exactly how many dots.

Here is what my "senior" Shichida parents say...

"It is almost impossible to succeed in the Shichida 65 day or 63 day Math Program if you only do all the math dots flashcards. You must build the right brain foundation, by doing the other right brain activities like Eye Training Exercises, Photo Image Play, Linking Memory. Mandala, Tangram, Speed Reading, Picture/words Flashcards, and many more.
Every child has a different talent or gift of the right brain. Some are good in math, some have photographic memory or language skills. Some succeed in Shichida's math program, and some may not. Focus on what your child's strength and discover what their talent is."

I feel the Shichida 63/65 Day Math Program is ONLY suitable for parents that send their child to Shichida classes. The Shichida Method never made this program for DIY use. The 63/65 Day Math Program is part of the class activities.

I would recommend that parents communicate and work closely with their child's teacher.

If you want to teach your child math dots (Shichida method), consider taking a look at or the 178 Day Math program from

When you support AllBabyStar, I will be able to continue to share more of my experience and what I have learned.


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