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When Can My Baby Talk? / What Age?

When can my baby talk?

It depends.

Every baby is different. However, there is a predictable progression in a baby’s language skills.

Here is what to expect...

0 to 4 months

Most of the time your baby will be cooking and gurgling. Babies will mimic certain noises and are particularly interested in the pitch and level of the parent’s voice.

4 to 7 months

Your baby will babble first; sounds like B, D and M are more evident.

7 to 12 months

Your baby still babbles, grunts and squeals. However, your baby’s first words usually come around their 1st birthday.

For example, “Mummy", and “Daddy”.

12 to 18 months

Your child’s vocabulary will grow exponentially with multiple word combinations.

You will possibly hear a lot more words from your baby.

18 to 30 months

Your child will be saying small phrases, sentences and more.

Here Is A Tip!

Your child’s language mastery progress depends on when you start your child’s language lessons.

You can start teaching or introducing to your 4-month-old baby word/picture flashcards.

Even though your baby is not able to speak yet... your baby is learning and building their vocabulary.

According to Professor Glenn Doman and Makoto Shichida...

The earlier you start, the easier it is to teach your child.

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