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What are "Right Brain flashcards"?

These are "right brain education" flashcards sometimes called "Shichida Flashcards", "Heguru Flashcards", "Glenn Doman flash cards" or simply "High Speed flash cards".

It's used for training babies and toddlers to read, do the math, gain encyclopedic knowledge and most importantly, the right brain development.

Right brain education flashcards are cards with:

1. Picture and words.

2. Dots and numerals.

Picture and Word Flashcards

Dots and Numerals Flashcards

These "right brain flashcards" are either printable materials or physical flashcards or digital online flashcards shown on a computer device like iPad, tablet or laptop.

Why is it called "Right brain flashcards"?

Right brain flashcards are used by parents to teach their babies or toddlers using the right brain education method. It is actually a method of showing flashcards. The method is...

"In the Right Brian Education Method, flashcards are shown faster than 1 second per card."

Flashcards are the main teaching tool to teach "right brain" students to learn and memorize new knowledge. Right brain flashcards focus on the development and training of the right brain. These flashcards are used to teach kids from newborns to 7 years old.

When the baby is born, the development of the right brain hemisphere grows the fastest. This is a crucial period that right brain training is most effective.

So, right brain flashcards teach your child to learn new vocabulary, learn math, gain more general knowledge and most importantly, train the right brain functions.

Why must "Right brain flashcards" be shown faster than 1 second per card?

When I send my daughter to her Shichida Method and Heguru classes...

"The teacher shows the flashcards super fast. I could barely make out what the teacher was reading."

I asked my daughter's teacher why the flashcards were read out or shown so fast?

Her Shichida teacher says it is to train the right side of the brain. When you show the flashcard very fast, the right brain is trained.

The characteristic of the right brain is - long term memory, creativity, imagination, visualization and memorization.

As for the characteristics of the left brain - short term memory, logic and analytical.

By showing the flashcards fast, the right side of the brain is being utilized.

From my experience sending my daughter to her Shichida classes, the teacher flashes as fast as 0.5 seconds per flashcard.

The Heguru Method seems to be more intense. They flash even faster than 0.5 seconds per flashcard.

Here is my experience and reaction to the right brain flashcards method...

When my daughter and I went to her first Shichida class, I was shocked by the speed the teacher flashed the flashcard materials. I could barely understand what the teacher was saying. It was just too fast to comprehend. Initially, I did not see the logic, but as I began to follow my daughter's classes, I began to understand.

I could see my daughter learning and remembering the images and words on the flashcards. I believe what is important is that my daughter enjoyed her lessons and had fun.

Discover more about my 1st hand experience sharing on right brain education (Shichida Method or Heguru Method", flashcards and right brain activities I do with my child. I hope it gives you some light on this early learning method.

When you support AllBabyStar, I will be able continue to share more of my experience and what I have learned.


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