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Are all Right Brain Classes the same?

Right Brain Classes, are they the same

I always have these questions from moms and dads, "Why are other Shichida and Heguru classes' teaching methods different? Is the speed of another class different than my child's classes, or are my sister's child's classes different in other countries?

Here is what I know, depending on your class group, the teaching pace, level, and materials are according to the students in the class. Different countries do vary in terms of the pace and level.

Also, the number of materials given in a class lesson differs as some classes can cope with more, but some classes can't.

All Shichida teachers and Heguru teachers will have their monthly meeting on student performance, and the lesson will be tailored to the class level. 

The experience of the Shichida and Heguru teachers is also important; definitely, there will be slight differences in teaching styles in different countries. 

What is most important is…

The kids that join the classes must have FUN, they are learning, and benefiting.

It is important to know that…

The correct Right Brain Education Method of teaching is fast, but not all classes or groups can take on the speed and materials given. In some countries, the schools will split into groups so that children who are good at right brain activities will be given "advanced materials". 

Usually, "advance flashcard flashing" uses non-physical flashcards because they need to be at super speed. That is why home practice is important 

If you are currently sending your child to Shichida or Heguru and do not have enough right brain materials, I recommend that you look at Read my other blogs for more information or if you want to know more about Right Brain Schools in different countries. 


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