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Do You Need A Right Brain Education Coach?

I would say, no you do not need a right brain education coach.

Perhaps what you need is someone who attends right brain education classes with their kids to share with you their experience.

Here is my explanation of why you may not need a coach...

  1. There is a lot of information on Right Brain Education you get online.

  2. Are the coaches qualified to teach you?

  3. Do their experiences have anything to do with the right brain education method?

  4. Have they been to any right brain school classes? If yes, how many years did their child attend the right brain school?

  5. Have they been hands-on with their own kids, and did their kids show any right brain activation results? Any result has to be consistent with their home practice schedule.

  6. Where did they get their right brain information and materials from?

right brain coach doing webinar/masterclass
"Right Brain Coach" doing a webinar.

For your information, there are no such teacher courses that train these "right brain education coaches".

All the information you need on right brain education is on the internet.

Or you can go through my website, where I have shared all my years of experience teaching my child right brain education at home.

If you have any questions on right brain education, you can click here to write in your questions. You only need to "Buy Me a Coffee".


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