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Which Right Brain Education"Coach" or "Influencer" Should You Like & Subscribe?

There are lots of "Right Brain Education" webinars, courses, and master class that are conducted by "right brain experts" especially on Instagram and Facebook.

What experience do these "early learning coaches "or "experts" know in the right brain education subject?

Where do they get their information from?

Are their qualifications related to the Right Brain Education Method?

Here is what I know,

1. There are no recognized Right Brain Education courses for teachers. Except for teachers working for Shichida Method or Heguru Method.

2. There are 2 Original Right Brain Education Schools which are the Shichida and Heguru.

The information I see provided by these influencers is not what I learned and experienced in Shichida and Heguru Method classes.

There are many enthusiastic moms who contacted me and I had to explain to them what is the Right Brain Education Method. I am writing this article because there are lots of moms getting the wrong information.

There are many "cut and paste" posts on Instagram, Facebook or on Websites. Some of my articles are also used by some Instagramers or Facebook "influencers". It is so easy to copy and post on Instagram or websites.

Should you join that particular RBE Mom influencer? Here is the checklist. take a look at it and you decide for yourself...

1. Age of their child equates to their experience.

Are there RBE Schools near them, when did the RBE school open in their country and did they send their child to original RBE schools, and for how long?

2. Has their child successfully attained the right brain activation, If yes what is the gift the child got? Knowing how to read and be able to talk at a young age is not good enough it takes the right practice to attain the right brain gifts and RBE child is very outstanding at a very young age. Want to learn more buy me a coffee.

3. As I have shared before most successful moms whose child has attained the right brain activation do not share but have benefitted so much as the child’s foundation is so strong that school education and learning is fast and brief to the child.

4. You have to understand the intention of other mom, are they affiliates, or selling their own programs or products?

5. Is their qualification authentic and does it come from a reputable university? Aside from being qualified, is the qualification correspond to RBE experience, do they have hand on experience, because education alone is not enough? Every child is not the same.

Is their advice genuine and original from their experience as an RBE mom, if their child is young then their experience as an RBE mom will be like yours.

Ask the "right brain influencer" about their experience. How did they acquire their right brain education knowledge and experience.

All the articles here a based on my experience sending my child to Shichida Method and later to Heguru Education.

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