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How To Teach "Right Brain Education" Mandala (Shichida Method)

In Shichida Method and Heguru Method classes, Mandala memory exercises are practised in class. I would like to share how Mandala is practised in the right brain education method.

Heguru founder teaching Mandala Memory in class.
Heguru founder teaching Mandala Memory in class.

What is Mandala in right brain education?

A mandala is made of a pattern with colours on it. The pattern can have two, three, or up to 6 colours on the design.

How do you show Mandala using the right brain education method?

The Mandala puzzle has 2 same sets of patterns. One pattern is coloured and the other pattern is not coloured.

Like flashcards, you show the coloured Mandala for a few seconds and hide the card. Next, place the colour pencils or crayons on the table and the same Mandala pattern (without the colour). Ask him to colour or mark the card based on the coloured Mandala he saw.

When can your child start the Mandala Memory puzzle cards?

Some babies at the age of 8 to 10 months old can do puzzles. Usually, the Mandala puzzles are simple patterns with 2 to 3 colours. As your child master the simple mandala puzzles, he can move on to mandala puzzles with more colours and intricate designs.


You have to show your right brain education Mandala coloured puzzles for a few seconds. The key is how fast you show. Showing the Mandala puzzle for 10 seconds or 30 seconds or longer is not right brain training. You are not training your toddler's right brain.

Just like flashcards, it got to be quick.

Mandala memory puzzles are part of the photographic memory exercises in the right brain education. You can refer to my other blog articles on how right brain education training is done and how it works.

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