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What is right brain education / Training? Why did I join?

When you want to start teaching your child right brain education, you start with the end goal.

What do you want your child to be able to achieve first before looking for the ideal right brain education program?

For myself, I want my child to be able to read, good in math skills and be able to learn new knowledge fast and easy. And that's what right brain education can do.

As for traditional early learning, your child will also learn to read and learn math skills. But what sets right brain training apart from the others early learning methods is the training of the brain.

Below are questions about right brain education:

1. What is right brain education? Is it the Shichida Method, Heguru or Glenn Doman Method?

2. Why you should teach your baby using this


3. What are the benefits of the right brain education method?

Right brain education is a learning method or program for newborns to 7 years old.

The "right brain education" term was 1st used by Professor Makoto Shichida, the founder of The Shichida Method.

He is the pioneer in the "right brain education" method.

He used this term to differentiate it from the other traditional early learning methods in Japan.

The other traditional early learning method focuses on left brain learning.

From Professor Makoto Shichida's research, when the baby is born, the right brain is dominant, and the rate of development is at its peak.

From 0 to 3 years old, it is the most critical years of a child.

When the child reaches 4 years old and above, the left brain begins to develop.

What does the right brain education focus on?

1. Photographic memory

2. Mathematics

3. Speed Reading

4. Creativity and Imagination.

5. Emotional intelligence.

What are the benefits of right brain education?

  1. Concentration and better attention span.

  2. Improve memory retention.

  3. Comprehension. A better understanding of new knowledge and concepts.

  4. Analytical skills.

  5. Better creativity.

  6. Emotional Intelligence.

How do you teach your baby or toddler right brain education?

Where do I get my Shichida right brain flashcards and the other right brain memory exercises?

When I first started my baby with her Shichida classes, I made flash cards. Here is the link to "How I made 9,250 flashcards for Shichida home practice."

Later I joined the Right Brain Education Library for more right brain education materials to teach my child.

It's not about being FOMO (fear of missing out). It is important to start your child's early education as early as possible:

1. It is easier to teach when your child is younger.

2. To cultivate the joy of learning.

3. To build bonding with your baby.

4. Your child will have a head start in their education.

5. To prepare your child for preschool.

6. Learning will be easy when your child goes to school because they are prepared.

7. To develop your child's learning abilities.

8 Able to remember things better and learn faster.

Teaching your baby the right brain education is easy. You are teaching your baby and not teaching a grown kid. So, how difficult can it be?

When you support AllBabyStar, I will be able continue to share more of my experience and what I have learned.


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