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When Will My Child's Right Brain Be Activated?

Focus on the method, and be patient with your child. Do not compare with other children.

In Shichida and Heguru classes, children are very competitive in their lessons. Never compare; instead, focus on the child's preference/inclination, and eventually, your child's right brain will be activated.

A lot of parents wrote to me and expressed their child can do many activities but what they don't realise is that it is not right brain activation. For example, at two years old my child is able to read, that is not right brain activation, my child is able to recite at the age of one and a half years old from memory, that is not right brain activation. My child is able to complete the puzzle, that is not right brain activation.

Yes, students of Shichida and Heguru practice a lot and yet NOT many succeed in activating their right brain.

Why? So I asked the parents have you been using the correct right brain method in teaching your child?

How do you know if your child has achieved right brain’s activation or the gift of right brain? and at what age does right brain activate in a child?

Is there a correct method of doing right brain education? Why is my child's right brain not activated even though he joined the right brain education schools over two years ago?


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