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What to Buy & How To Start Baby Flash Cards (0 - 3, 0 - 6, 9, 12 Months Old) Lessons

I first introduced flash cards to my baby when she was 4 months old. There were so many types of flash cards for sale online or in bookshops.

What are the age-appropriate flash cards for babies or toddlers?

How should I teach?

What is the right method to teach my baby using flash cards?

The big problem with flashcards that is available is the typical "apple", "cat", "elephant" and so on.

In the beginning, I DIY my own flash cards and later bought them online from Right Brain Education Library.

I made a total of 9,250 flashcards for my baby, I will share with you my recommendation of what are the best baby flash cards or toddler flash cards to buy.

The flash cards you acquire can be from online or you can make your own.

Here is the list of flash cards for babies based on age & brain development.

  1. Black, white & red baby flash cards (Also known as Infant Stimulation flash cards (0 - 3 months old).

  2. Math Red Dots Flash Cards (4 months up to 3 years old).

  3. Knowledge / Encyclopedia flash cards (4 months to 6 years old and above).

  4. Reading flash cards (4 months old to 3+ years old).

If you noticed, all the flash card like the math (dots and numerals) and knowledge flash cards (picture in front with words at the back) is suitable for kids 4 months old and above.


Do not limit your baby or toddler to the basic boy, cat, duck, and elephant picture flash cards. Please do not underestimate your child's learning capabilities.

Whatever flashcard you present to your child, they will learn. They cannot distinguish which language, vocabulary, or word is much harder to learn.

The child does not know whether English, French, Mandarin, Hindi, or Spanish is harder to learn. It's all the same to them.

Why flash cards for babies? & What are the benefits?

Flash cards are a common early learning brain development method used to stimulate the baby or toddler's visual and auditory senses.

It is also an effective way to memorise new words or knowledge and acquire brain characteristics.

Here is the list of benefits of using flash cards to teach your baby:

  1. Improve language and communication skills

  2. Increase awareness of the world around them

  3. Stimulate visual memory and auditory skills.

  4. An effective learning tool to teach your baby/toddler.

However, these flash cards are effective if they are shown to your child correctly.

There are two different schools of thought when using flash cards on babies or toddlers.

You either show the cards slowly or fast (faster than 1 second per flash card).

How To Teach?

1. The "slow speed" flash card method.

In this method, flash cards are shown to the child, and the mother will slowly show the picture and words and explain what it is, if possible, to get the child to say the word.

In each lesson, at least 5 flash cards are shown.

2. The "fast speed" flash card method.

This is also known as the Right Brain Education method. It's sometimes called right brain flash cards.

Flash cards are shown to the baby or toddler in less than 1 second per card.

There is the right side and left side of the brain. Both brains have different characteristics.

Is flash cards for babies effective for the child's brain development?

It is only effective if:

  1. Incorporating with other teaching tools like reading books. puzzles, games and other learning activities. Flash cards are not an all-in-one early learning tool for babies.

  2. Showing the flash cards to your baby the right way.

  3. Having as many flash cards to show to your child (do not show the same flash cards over and over again). Have a good variety to make learning fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is 2 years old, which flash cards should I start?

Answer: When it comes to the right brain education method, we go with the child's interest in what flash cards they want to see or like to see. Whether your child is 1, 2, or 3 years old and above, it is also based on your child's competencies.

How many flash cards should I show my baby or toddler?

When your child is new to flash card lessons, what is most important is to cultivate learning habits, create a routine (like mealtime, sleeping time, reading time, or learning time), and make each lesson fun. Treat flash card lessons like a playtime activity.

You may start with 50 flash cards per lesson and gradually increase to a hundred to a few hundred flash cards per lesson. For my child, I do one lesson a day. There are times my child is not at his best, I will divide the one lesson into 3 or 4 sessions. Every child is different, See what fits best with your child.

Where do you get your flash cards for your baby?

Initially, I made my own flash cards, and later I got my baby flash cards online from Right Brain Education Library (they have 28,919 flash cards).

For more learning ideas for your baby's flash card learning, you can read my other blog articles.


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