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How To Keep The Shichida Flashcards Lesson Interesting To Your Child?

To make the Shichida right brain lesson at home interesting you must have

1. A good variety of topics (a lot of different and unique flashcards)

2. The method of flashing the cards.

NO! NO! NO! Do not flash 100 or more flashcards continuously. Your child will likely lose concentration.

Do not flash different topics in a nonstop way. You have to have a distinct pause between topics. This will enable the child to know the change of topics or subjects.

It is an opportunity for you to encourage, joke and bond and play with your child (make your lesson fun)

You give a feeling that something special is coming up (the next topic could be your child's favourite topic)

Parents are encouraged to know their child's favourite. For example, some children love picture word flashcards, some prefer math flashcards, some prefer music flashcards etc.

Shichida Flashcards

I have tried flashing straight non-stop, but it is ineffective as children will lose focus due to parents, not being hand on or what the child enjoys or already knows.

All senior parents flash by the thousand in one flashcards lesson. I find the preparation or selecting flashcards online is more effective than a one video lesson plan that has multiple flashcards topics. One of the main reasons is speed flashing.

Some babies look away when specific topics they dislike or already know are shown to them in a one video lesson plan. That is why a one video lesson plan is not as effective as multiple single-topic videos. Even in Shichida classes, we have babies looking away from ones that dislike or topics that are seen frequently.

More the reason why home practice is important. In-home practice, you can tailor your child's interest, making your child feel that parents understand them and help build the child's confidence. Communication with your child is the key point even for your babies. I always talk to my baby; the more you talk, the more your baby understands you and the more you can get the home practice lessons going.

Make jokes, have lots of fun and enjoy your child's lesson together. I flash a few topics like 3 to 4 sets, talk to my baby, and resume flashing another new topic but never stop between a topic. Usually, a topic has one title followed by 10 to 15 listings. (communicate with your baby after a topic lesson is completed.)

Once you make it fun, soon it will develop into daily practice, and learning will be fun and fast.

Do not underestimate your child. In Heguru and Shichida classes, they even expose them to the chemical chart to toddlers.

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