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From Shichida Printable Flashcards to Online Flashcards?

I cut the pictures & paste it on the flashcards (Shichida Linking Memory)
I cut the pictures & paste it on the flashcards (Shichida Linking Memory)

After making over 9,250 printable Shichida flashcards and other right brain materials for my baby's Shichida home practice activities, I find I was running out of ideas or topics to teach.

Should I consider to teach my child Shichida online instead of printables?

Close up Image of the picture and paste on the flashcard (Shichida Linking Memory)
picture that is cut and paste on the flashcard

Sometimes I just wonder if I have wasted my precious time spending weekends and after office hours looking for topics to teach, hunting for suitable pictures to print.

Teaching my child is less than 15 minutes a day, but making flashcards seems like hours to make a day.

So I had a few options to source more flashcards:

  1. Continue to make more printable flashcards which I am already running out of ideas.

  2. Buy ready-made Shichida Method flashcards. I have bought most of the Shichida Tensai flashcards. Maybe I am a bit fussy, I don't like cartoon flashcards. I prefer realistic picture flashcards.

  3. Look for online/video flashcards to teach.

There is when I discovered and later decided to join the Right Brain Education Library.

Why do I go digital / Shichida flashcards online?

I am a working mom, and I normally make my flashcards and right brain activities after work and during the weekends. There is so much one person can do.

Both my child's Shichida and Heguru classes, do use a combination of TV screen and printable to show the Shichida/Heguru flashcards.

On top of my collection of 9,250 printable flashcards, the Right Brain Education Library provides me with more "Shichida materials".

They have flashcards suitable for Shichida home practice, and right brain materials like the Mandala, Photo Image Play, Photographic Memory Activities, Peg Memory, Linking Memory, and many others. At the same time, the Right Brain Education Library does add new flashcards to its collection.

All of those I mentioned are exactly what is used in Right Brain Schools.

Printing the flashcards or making flashcards is not that difficult. It is the time spent looking for topics and looking for the right pictures that take a lot of time and patience. If the pictures are not attractive, my baby won't want to see them.

My Shichida home practice lessons are not 100% digital. The flashcard lessons are in video and the Shichida right brain activities are physical.

I understand that some parents prefer to use physical or printable flashcards. I share my experience with other senior Shichida parents and we all agree if you want to take your child to advance right brain training it has to be digital.

The earlier you start the better and easier. In Shichida and Heguru classes in Japan, they have children below 2 years old going high-speed flashing. If you still can't understand the logic, I can only say one thing, you have to understand the functions and characteristics of the right brain. Read here. Digital has its advantages.

Do check out my blog on how I teach my baby to read. I will share what reading flashcards and reading books I have bought.

When you support AllBabyStar, I will be able continue to share more of my experience and what I have learned.


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